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10W Linear! (>25W P1dB) Amplifier

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DDL2450 Amplifier

Digital Data Link 2.4 GHz 10W Linear COTS Amplifier

The DDL Amplifier is a 10W 2.4 GHz linear amplifier, designed for Digital Data Link applications. The DDL Amplifier offers a compact, rugged design, featuring high speed automatic Tx/Rx switching.

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  • Rx Band-Pass Filtering
  • Automatic Tx/Rx Switching
  • 1us Switching
  • External Tx-Rx Triggering (optional)
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Overvoltage protection on all ports
  • Tx/Rx LEDs
  • Light weight
  • Compact & Rugged Design


  • Increased Range
  • COTS - Commercial off the Shelf

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Order Information

Model Name Part Number
DDL2450 Amplifier MHS044300

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