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NMS 2 (On Premise)

Microhard NMS 2 (On Premise) Device Monitoring & Management

Microhard NMS 2 (Network Management Software) is a powerful On Premise, Windows or Linux Server Application, that allows multiple browser based users to graphically, monitor, troubleshoot and perform centralized upgrade and configuration operations for Microhard Cellular Modem Networks. Locations of the units in the network can be positioned on a detailed map interface with precise GPS coordinates. The entire network status can then be monitored and diagnostics can be used to prevent, identify and resolve problems.

New NMS 2.0!

Microhard NMS 2

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  • Flexible licensing options
  • Windows/Linux Server application with multi-user capabilities
  • Secure persistent SSL/TLS MQTT connections to devices
  • Detailed graphical representation of Microhard Cellular Devices
  • Quickly access device details with customizable, sortable, filterable device lists
  • Bulk/centralized wireless firmware upgrades
  • Bulk/Granular configuration of parameters via AT Commands
  • Element by element configuration of individual parameters
  • Powerful filtering and search functions
  • Advanced event and action logging, event history
  • Import/Export event logs
  • Detailed Device Data Usage Reporting & Alerts
  • Monitor status, RSSI, Ec/No, uptime, etc
  • Backup/Restore device configurations
  • View device location & location history