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Microhard IoT Device Monitoring & Management

The new Microhard IoT Portal provides a cloud based, premium subscription service for advanced monitoring & management of Microhard cellular devices. The Microhard IoT Portal maintains a constant, lightweight, secure SSL/TLS MQTT connection to ensure that the most current information about a device is available and that changes can be made quickly. Any device that is connected to the Microhard IoT server can be securely accessed via its WebUI or a SSH terminal using our secure reverse tunneling capabilities. The Microhard IoT Portal delivers the next generation of cloud based device management.

Microhard IoT Portal

Contact us at info@microhardcorp.com for more details!


  • Premium subscription based application with flexible licensing options
  • Cloud (Azure) based application with multi-user capabilities
  • Secure persistent SSL/TLS MQTT connections to devices
  • Detailed graphical representation of Microhard Cellular Devices
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard (Add/Remove/Arrange)
  • Quickly access device details with customizable, sortable, filterable device lists
  • Bulk/centralized wireless firmware upgrades
  • Granular configuration of parameters
  • Element by element configuration of individual parameters
  • Powerful filtering and search functions
  • Secure access to device configuration WebUI & SSH terminal (reverse tunnel)
  • Advanced event and action logging, event history
  • Import/Export event logs
  • Detailed Device Data Usage Reporting & Alerts
  • Monitor status, RSSI, Ec/No, uptime, etc
  • Backup/Restore device configurations
  • View device location & location history
  • Automatic registration & secure certificate generation
  • Organization specific registration codes