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5-in-1 Puck Antenna (2xLTE, GPS, 2xWIFI)

The MHS035570 is a rugged, 5-in-1 puck antenna for use with Microhard cellular modems. This multi-function antenna features dual LTE antennas for Main and Diversity, a high gain Active GPS antenna, as well as dual integrated WIFI antennas. This all-in-one antenna is ideal for applications where the antenna will be permanently mounted.


  • LTE: 698-960 MHz/1710-2700 MHz
  • LTE: 3 dBi Gain
  • WIFI: 2300-2500/4900-6000 MHz
  • WIFI: 3 dBi Gain
  • GPS: 1575.42+/-5 MHz
  • GPS: 28+/-2dB (Active)
  • Omnidirectional
  • 50 Ohm Output Impedance
  • Wide Operating Temp (-40°C to +85°C)

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5-in-1 Antenna MHS035570

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