Microhard Systems Inc supports innumerable applications and industries around the globe, let's talk about yours. It’s quite probable that the Microhard Systems radios are supporting similar applications somewhere within your industry! Our products are designed to accommodate a broad range of sophisticated applications: from communicating with satellites orbiting the earth to transmitting data regarding geological information, earth sciences and gas detection underground. Only a small sampling of some of the industries within which Microhard Systems Inc products are successfully deployed.

If your requirements are particularly unique or complex, our engineering and application support staff will be pleased to discuss them with you. We enjoy working with customers to solve custom and problematic engineering challenges and have successfully done so for many years! Our range of products is capable of delivering small packets of serial data incredible distances to carrying broadband IP backbone traffic to extend the reaches of your network.

Aside from moving data, what type of functionality may also be required? Bridge, Router, Access Point - or complete transparency, our products can do all of those and more.

Is security a critical issue? Aside from what is fundamentally inherent in our proprietary radio technology and frequency hopping, please review our various product SPEC SHEETS (see PRODUCTS section) for all of the unlimited options available to you. If you have questions regarding our unique line of sophisticated wireless communication products please contact a sale technical representative as soon as possible. We’d be more than enthusiastic to discuss exceptional solutions and timely engineering logistics for your wireless communications requirements.